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Google's SGE to Change the Way People Search

In addition to Bing, Google is also set to roll out its own SGE (Search Generative Experience), in the near future. This means that generative AI technology will be integrated into the Google search engine, supporting conversation and text generation!

Users will continue to search through Google, but AI will organize information for the user, eliminating the need to visit various websites to find the answers they want. Moreover, users can continue to ask questions in a natural conversational manner!

In the released introduction, we can see that on the right side of Google SGE there will appear three related links, but in the AI-generated reply, there is no link text as there is with Bing.

This implies that in the near future, search engine optimization (SEO) for Google will be harder than it is now, because with improved relevance of information, users are likely to prefer clicking on "the 3 links on the right." Hence, just making it to the first page of Google might not be as effective! At that point, you'll be battling for the top three spots, a higher bar than before.

Currently, Google SGE is in the Beta phase in the U.S. region. It is believed that it will take some time before it's available globally. If interested, you can join the waitlist at the following URL (of course, you will need a VPN to access the U.S. region): Google Search Lab.

SMEs Must Prepare for Now and the Future

The SEO competition between Google and Bing is set to intensify. Previously, users would individually search, potentially finding the product/service/information they wanted within the first three pages of Google. Now, AI understands the user, organizing precise information, and providing three accurate recommended websites. Of course, there are still other search results below, but they are likely to be overlooked.

That is, in the future, our goal is not to aim for the first 3 pages of Google, but the top three spots! If you don't have a website, or if your site is hard to find on Google, we suggest you contact us immediately!

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29 Jun 2023

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